Spic ‘n’ Span are professional commercial cleaners based in Sydney. We specialise in maintaining offices, industrial properties, schools, hospitals and all other commercial premises. Spic n Span cater to a wide range of cleaning services but we specialise in commercial and office cleaning.
We bring a sparkling cleanliness and hygiene to every space, home and workplace that we encounter. We guarantee excellent service, on time, every time.
Our promise to you: our cleaners will always be reliable and hardworking. We hope to have a long term partnership through a mutual experience of respect and satisfaction.




Spic n Span understand the challenges businesses face when searching for a top quality office cleaner in Sydney . We not only have many years’ experience in office and commercial cleaning services throughout Sydney and the CBD, but we also guarantee our work.

Are you searching for the best industrial cleaning service in Sydney? Spic n Span offers professional factory cleaning so you can be sure your industrial premises are not only spic n span but safe and hygienic for all staff and visitors.
Our high standards and strict quality controls, ensure your business and warehouse will be compliant and covered for business and workers’ insurance.
Our equipment is the highest quality to deliver you a premium service and result. 
What Type of Cleaning Does Spic n Span Do in Industrial Premises?
1. Flooring: we keep all your floors clean and clear of residue and dangerous or slippery spills. We take care of the sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, polishing as well as strip and seals . Our professional cleaners use the best flooring products to maintain your floors at their best and for a longer lifetime.
2. Car parks: we take care of your office or warehouse car parks. These wil be kept clean and clear from grime, graffiti and other rubbish and clutter.
3. Bathrooms: all industrial premises have bathrooms that must be kept clean and hygienic for staff and visitors. Our cleaners will ensure your bathrooms are sanitary and cleaned with the highest quality disinfectants and detergents to ensure germs and bacteria are not able to spread throughout the workplace. We will give the entire bathroom a complete clean including toilets, urinals, basins, showers and floors.
4. Garbage Bins: our cleaners will keep your bins emptied and cleaned. Food scraps and other rubbish can attract vermine and insects. Our professional cleaners will ensure your bins are properly lined, fresh and clean to be used each day.
Do you have a fleet of corporate cars that require constant cleaning and maintenance in Sydney? Then you’ve come to the right place. 
Spic n Span office cleaning are also car fleet cleaning experts. We take care of all your car detailing requirements including:
– complete inspection and clean of cars. 
– detailing of upholstery and internal dash, steering wheel and gears
– car window cleaning, including all mirrors inside and out
– boot cleanout
– carpet clean
– wheel, tyre and hub clean.
We use proven and effective methods for cleaning your fleet cars both efficientlly and safely. Spic n Span uses the latest and approved car cleaning methods as recommended by premium and prestige motor vehicle companies.
Our commercial restaurant and cafe cleaning services cater to all kinds of hospitality cleaning requirements.
Commercial kitchen and restaurant cleaning services require a professional and experienced team of cleaners. Spic n Span provide professional commercial kitchen cleaners who will ensure your business is compliant with health department guidelines and laws.
Our wide range of commercial kitchen cleaning services includes:
– rug and carpet cleaning and steam cleaning
– ceramic tile area power scrubbing and cleaning
– kitchen floor drains cleaning
– upholstery cleaning
– interior and exterior window cleaning
– foyer area cleaning
– stripping, waxing and polishing/buffing of floors
– mopping and all sanitations of hard to reach areas.
– disinfecting commercial kitchen and washrooms
– sweeping, mopping, power washing
Any cleaning required in your hospitality premises, can be taken care of by the Spic n Span cleaning professionals.


We love to clean offices and it shows!!!
Spic n Span cleaners are professional and dedicated at their jobs. We only hire experienced cleaners with office and commercial cleaning experience. All our cleaners are reliable, on time, professional and trustworthy. We don't just hire anyone for our cleaning jobs. It takes a special kind of person to work as part of the Spic n Span team.
It takes a sense of pride for a job well done. There is nothing our cleaners love more than the knowledge that the office or commercial property is sparkling and clean. We know a workplace that is clean, safe and healthy is a happy space.

“My office always looks professional and inviting. The cleaners at Spic n span are reliable, on time and trustworthy. We've recommended them to other businesses and have had great feedback from them also. We wouldn't want to have our office cleaned by anyone else!"
Annie S.

“My husband and I have been with Spic n Span for our restaurant cleaning. Our restaurant is always in top shape and looks spic and the cleaner is always willing to accommodate special requests. They are prepared to go the extra mile to make sure we get the result we want”
Jenny J.

""We have been really happy with the cleaners Spic n Span sent to clean our office. I am happy to recommend your company to anyone who is looking for a professional office cleaning service in Sydney. Thank you for keeping our office looking fresh and clean every day."
David A.


We love to clean, and it shows. Tell us about your cleaning needs, and we’ll send you an estimate.
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